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Your Camera, Made Easy

Creating Confidence for Your Journey with Your Camera

Take your photography to the next level

Our beginners photography courses are designed to start you confidently working with your camera to create considered and intentional images. We will be looking at the essential settings that work ANY camera, analogue or digital.

Small, focused courses, designed around you.

Designed to give you confidence with your camera on Manual. Our courses are usually kept to a maximum of eight participants. This allows us to give you focused and individual guidance during the course. Here are a few of the areas covered within the course...

Manual Mode

Your camera truly comes to life when you start using the manual setting. You will gain full control of how your photograph is created when you make the switch!

Exposure Settings

The course will be built around how to control three simple settings. ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. This will enable you to use ANY camera with confidence.


Without light there is no photography so we will be starting by looking at the light that's always available around us every day, and how to use our lenses and perspective.


Images are stories. Considering your images as a whole will help you create visual stories with your photography.


Composition is a good place to start when creating stronger imagery. But, rules are to be broken right!


Without light there is no photography. We will be starting by looking at the light that's always available around us every day.

Let's Start Your Journey

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