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Creativity is for Everyone

We believe that creativity is in ALL of us here at The Wild Darkroom, no matter what your art teacher told you at school! This is one of the reasons we are here, to bring traditional, hands on, creative photography to EVERYONE.

Far far away, well, not that far, probably just around the corner actually, lives a girl (woman) who just loves photography. Always has done. Poised with her camera and a heart’s desire to bring people together to be creative, she started a little business.

That little business is the one you see here today, The Wild Darkroom. A place to learn to take considered photographs and tell stories, make prints and spend time together.

Down on the Kent Coast our little home workshop/darkroom lives, not far from our beautiful creek in our home town, Faversham.

We are a family run business and creative family time is high on our list of priorities. We don’t get too many months outside in the UK, so its great that cyanotypes can be done all year round. They simply take a slower pace, which is fine by us!

We started making Cyanotype Paper packs back in 2020. Following in the footsteps of photography that started with cyanotype in the 1820’s. It’s a beautiful and simple process, making it something we knew would be accessible for everyone.

Made in England | Italian Paper

Quality & Artwork that Stands the Test of Time

No matter where you are in the world, creativity is there too. We all communicate creativity in different ways. Even our differences weave together as a beautiful tapestry.

Photo of the wild darkroom cyanotype washing in a tray of water. next to frame clips and ferns
a photo of the wild darkroom cyanotype printing workshop, a woman's hands washing a cyanotype print in a tray of water.
Photo of grass flowers in bloom in the evening sunshine with a dark background of forest
Photo across the river in Verona on a misty November morning.
Blue cyanotype prints on white paper, hanging on pegs, drying in the summer sun.
Quality Over Quantity

Some things that make The Wild Darkroom.


Connecting People

Our heart is to bring people together in creative community, through photography.

Traditional Photography

Although we enjoy digital photography too, our passion is all things analogue.

City & Countryside

Wherever we are, we are inspired! We love London as much as we love trekking the hills in the Lakes!

Family Values

Family comes first, always. Thats why we built TWD around our family life.

Seeing the Details

Our products are designed and made with care, so that you can enjoy the beauty of the process as soon as you see the box.

Embracing the Slow

We aren't in a rush, we are here to see, appreciate, and spend time in the world around us. Analogue photography captures the essence of that.
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We hope you find what you’re looking for, if you can’t, please get in touch!

About Us

The Wild Darkroom
35 Forbes Road
Kent, UK