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Hello! If you are here then you are most likely interested in joining us for our next cyanotype printing workshop up at Belmont House & Gardens, ┬áLet me tell you a little about the morning and what you can expect to enjoy…

a photo of the wild darkroom cyanotype printing workshop, a woman's hands washing a cyanotype print in a tray of water.

At our Summer Workshop you will be introduced to the process of Cyanotype Printing, which is an original photographic practise that uses UV sensitive formula coated on paper to create prints using the sunlight.

Collecting foliage and flowers from the gardens at Belmont, you will then create your own prints with the guidance of your workshop host, photographer Karen Louise George.

Karen will demonstrate the process and offer alternative ideas for getting creative, should you want to experiment further.

This workshop is for all levels and well suited or beginners to the cyanotype process. The printing process is so simple and very easy to create stunning prints. Children who would like to get involved in the process are welcome, they must be accompanied by an adult.

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