Cyanotype Printing Kit (A5)


Our full “sunlight” cyanotype printing kits with everything you need to get creative at home, straight from the box. Cyanotype Paper allows you to make beautiful prints using simple objects and the natural light from the sun, as it is UV sensitive. The A5 size is ideal for making prints to display at home. For a great quality print that will last, we use Italian textured archival paper. Each piece has a small border to make them suitable for framing and displaying at home.


A5 sheets of hand coated cyanotype paper, pre-coated (choice of 10 or 20 sheets) safely sealed in a lightproof envelope.

Full instructions on how to create your own cyanotypes.

A4 sheet of perspex.
A4 sheet of wood.
Two frame clips.

A Wild Darkroom postcard for a gift message or displaying at home.


All you need at home is fresh running water and somewhere to hang the print for drying.

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Cyanotype Paper

Ten pieces of pre-coated archival paper for printing.

Everything You Need

Perspex frame, board and clips for exposure.

Your Guide!

Full instructions are included, ready to go from the box!


Find leaves, flowers, seaweed or anything that you can place under your perspex/glass for exposure.


All you have to do is leave your print in daylight to develop, this paper just loves the sun as much as we do!


Just add water! Just a little wash in fresh water and your print will be done!


Dry your print, flatten under a book and you are ready to display!

Plant Friendly

Even though the paper is coated with a chemical formula, the quantity is so small, its perfectly safe for the environment.

For All Ages

Cyanotypes are super simple to create and all ages can get involved - with maybe a little supervision needed for the little ones!

All Year Activity

You can create cyanotypes year round! The process just takes a little longer in the winter. Still great fun though!

Foraging fun!

Combine your printing with a day in the woods or beach, foraging for amazing foliage and seaweed to print with.


The paper we use is acid free and your print will last for many years to come!

Easy to Post

Our paper packs are light and small, making them a great gift idea to pop in the post!

Just Add Water

Once your print has developed, all you need is water to wash and fix the image to your paper. SO easy!

Get Inspired!

Come and find us on instagram to chat, get inspired and find out more about cyanotype printing.

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Dimensions 30 × 45 × 5 cm

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